Nagano Travel Itinerary

Nagano Two-Day Itinerary

From solo trips to trips with family and friends, we’ll give you ideas for when to visit Nagano.
Especially for travelers planning to visit northern Nagano Prefecture, Nagano City, and Snow Monkey park.
This is a 2-day itinerary that includes plenty of Nagano’s charms with bicycles, the most exciting way of transportation.

What's highlight about Nagano? 

It’s nature! Beautiful scenery of mountains,rivers,orchard ,and flowers.And time passes at slow pace.

Riding a bicycle, you can fully experience the beauty of Nagano and enjoy sceneries, sky, and pleasant breeze that you would not notice by car or train.It’s a great way to experience real Nagano andwill be deeply engraved in your mind.

Your trip will definitely be wonderful if you visit Nagano, which is completely different  from big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Anyway, thank you for your interest in Nagano! !

What people visit Nagano?

This is my opinion as a bike rental shop staff,not official data,we often meet overseas guests like..

Those who are visiting Japan for the first time and are on their way from Tokyo to Kanazawa or Takayama,Gihu, or those who are visiting Japan for  more than second time  and are looking for a new and rural Japan.

And naturelovers who enjoy the cozy atmosphere , mountain climbing, and trekking. Of course, there are also people who choose Nagano “Just because’.  
Japanese map


・Visit Snow Monkey Park, one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Nagano, at your own pace.

・You can enjoy not only the park also stunnnig scenery and the hidden jem of Nagano.

・Stay at historical hot spring area.

Nagano cyclig trip in 2days Itinerary

We introduce the itinerary that departs from Tokyo early in the morning and arrives at Nagano Station at 9 o’clock.

If you arrive in Nagano in the afternoon or evening, you will stay overnight near Nagano Station and start your first day the next day.


7:20 Tokyo station(JR SHINKAN-SEN)

8:40 NAGANO Station(JR)

9:13 NAGANO Station(NaganoNagano Electric Railway)

9:50 Obuse station
We are the only bikerentals shop that offer cross bikes, Ebikes, and road bikes made by Trekbikes in Obuse and the closest store to Nagano Station. Bikes for the tall are available. You can get helpful safety and route tips from our local cyclist staff.

10:00 Get your bike at maaru

Rent a bicycle and explore Nagano at your own pace with a free route without a guide.
Upon departure, you will receive instructions on safe riding and road conditions from a local cyclist staff member.

You can  leave any unnecessary luggage at the store.(free)

ramen, noodle, japanese

12:00 Lunch

Let’s eat ramen, soba noodles, and local cuisine.There are several restaurants near the park or along the way.


13:30-14:30 Snow monkey park

Snow Monkey Park is about a 10-30 minute walk from the bicycle parking lot.

It’s about 18 km to the snow monkey park, and it takes about 2 hours including a break.

Foot bath (Yudanaka station)

15:00 Shibu Onsen Traditional Ryokan area

Discover hot spring towns, streets full of traditional Japanese inns, footbaths, cafe, local food, and other attractions.

16:00 Check in

Near the Snow Monkey Park,theare are many accomodations.Hotels,Ryokan(Japanese style hotel),hostels,and guest houses.

Some accommodations have hot springs. There is also communal hot springs available only to guests staying at Onsen area.


Enjoy Yudanaka/Shibu onsen night

Enjoy the night in an old-fashioned hot spring town.


Go off the beaten track.

If you are using an Ebike or have energy, we will introduce you to Lake Nojiri and Naena Falls.

For those who want to spend a more relaxing time, we will introduce the Iiyama area, which has many flat roads. Of course, it is also a good idea to spend more time around your accomodation, then return to Obuse and sightsee around Obuse.

First, we will introduce the itinerary for going to the lake.

9:00 Depart Onsen

Let’s start another day!


12:00 Lake Nojiri /Lunch

30km from Shibu Onsen, first 12km downhill. The second half of the 18km climb is 425m.

Lake Nojiri is a lake located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture. Surrounded by the majestic Myoko Plateau and Kurohime Plateau, it is approximately 550m above sea level. You can swim in the summer.

The scenery and atmosphere are different from Obuse and Yamanouchi town where Snow Monkey is located.

Have a wonderful time cycling around the lake and relaxing at a lakeside restaurant.

苗名滝 naena falls

Option: Naena falls

9km from Nojiri lake.

It takes 1.5 hours round trip to the waterfall. A 15 minute trek from the waterfall parking lot.

The waterfall is very impressive due to the large amount of water.

It is also called Earthquake Falls because of the loud sound of the water.


Option:MOROKOSHI-KAIDO(corn road)

This area(Shinanomachi )is a corn-producing area with all the best features: clean air, clean water, and volcanic ash soil rich in organic matter.
Its flavor is sweet and juicy, similar to fruit, as the sugar content increases due to the difference in temperature between day and night.

Shinanomachi has  “Morokoshi Kaido”,it means corn road or corn street, 30 min-ride from Nojiri Lake.Google Maps shows one of the stores.

During the season from late July to late August, local highland vegetables and corn are sold at direct sales stands along the road, which is crowded with many tourists. .

People around Nagano go all the way to Shinanomachi to get sweet corns.

15:00 Depart Lake Nojiri area

The return trip is 20-25 km. Mostly downhill. The best reward time.
Be careful not to ride too fast.

16:30 Arrived at Obuse. bicycle return

If you have energy, go sightseeing in Obuse. Museum and sake brewery tour.

If you have a hotel near Nagano Station, you can return in about 40 minutes.

ITINERARY: DAY 2 For those who want to spend a more relaxing time

10:00 Depart Onsen

Bofore checking out,walking around your accmodation. You can also enjoy hot springs and footbaths in the morning.

Iiyama cycling

11:30 Iiyama

Flat rural way along the CHIKUMA river.less cars and wide road make your cycling easy and fun.

Enjoy orchard,moutains,river view.

If you don’t want to clime,Iiyama is the best way to ride around.The best time to see the yellow flowers is from late April to early May.It’s a nice place to visit even in other seasons.

14:00 Depart Iiyama

It’s about 20 kilometers from Iiyama to Obuse, and you can return in 1 to 2 hours.

小布施中心部 栗の小径

15:30 Obuse

It’s about 20 kilometers from Iiyama to Obuse, and you can return in 1 to 2 hours.

Obuse is the town where Katsushika Hokusai visited, and the Hokusai Museum and Ganshoin, where Hokusai’s works are on display, are must-sees.

Katsushika Hokusai is an artist who had a great influence on famous Western painters such as Van Gogh.

Obuse town has a reputation for being calm and beautiful.

There are sake breweries where you can compare and purchase sake.

16:30 Return bike

Bicycles must be returned by 5pm.
If you are running late, please contact us and we can extend your time.


Obuse-Snow monkey park

Snow monkey park-Lake Nojiri

Lake Nojiri -Obuse

Iiyama -Obuse

Hints and Variations

>The second floor of the rental store is a private accommodation. It is also a good itinerary to start from here and do a snow monkey round trip on the first day, then go to Lake Nojiri or other places on the second day.

There is a discount on the rental fee for guests.

>Wherever you go, don’t play too late. It’s hard to move after dark by bike.

>It’s very hot from July to September, so we recommend  earlier start.

Reservation required

No cancellation fee, at least 24 hours in advance of the start date

Should you have any questions, please let us know on whatsapp,instagram DM anytime even for winter break.

We will start accepting reservations of bikerentals from April 12th.