NAGANO cycling route


Snow monkey Park

It is easy to get.


Park bikes at Kanbayashi-onsen and walk for 30mins to Monkey park.


Between SHIBU ONSEN and SNOW MONKEY PARK,there is a challenging hilly road,about 15mins~. Park bikes and 10mins walk,you can get the park. shorter walk than via Kanbayashi-onsen(route1).


NoJIRI lake

Nojiri lake is located within 2hours ride,20-25km from Obuse town(our shop).
With its beautiful nature scenery,relaxing atmosphere,it is a popular destination.

The route is simple.You can get there easily. 2 climbing sections(15-30mins).less cars. The high right of this cycling is the return way,long downhill.Feel so gooooood!

Perfect location of one-day cycling trip.


Thunder falls(kaminari daki)

Kaminaridaki (or “Thunder Falls”) is a must-see. It drops 30 meters onto the rock face below and creates a deafening roar—hence the name—but best of all, the path to the waterfall actually goes behind and around it, allowing you to see the falls from a number of angles. A refreshing mist rises from the rocks and purifies the air, leaving you with a clean, energized feeling. And after you’ve left the falls, your hearing eventually comes back too!

Nagano Prefecture & Nagano Tourism Organization 



Flat rural way along the CHIKUMA river.less cars.

Enjoy orchard view,moutain view,river view.

If you don’t want to clime,Iiyama is the best way to ride around.


maaru owner's Strava

Commute ride,short or long,flat or climbing ride around Obuse.