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bike rental Nagano Obuse

Cycling is fun and the easiest way of getting around in Nagano area at your own pace. Do like the locals and rent a bike to experience real Nagano.

Maaru will supply you with a high-quality crossbike,road bike and Ebike that makes your stay so special!

We will deliver your bike to your hotel or station.You don’t need to come to our shop and can save your time and money. 

We highly recommend this place if you want to take a one day cycling trip near Nagano.

travelers from Europe

Our Service


■credit card available

■no deposit

1day (~9hours)400050006000
additional days2500 30004000
Family package4 cross bikes

3 ebikes
couple package2 cross bikes

2 ebikes
Airbnb guest onlycross/road bike 2000

Ebike 4000

bike delivery


■Your ride will start or finish wherever you want to. Delivery(picking-up) makes your rinding absolutely easy.

-AREA:Hotel or station around Nagano station,
Yamanouchi,Yudanaka,Shibu-onsen(snow monkey),
-one week advance reservation required
-we can arrange  delivery area,more than 3bikes (charged for an extra fee)

Our guests Speak!​

This shop is at the perfect location for a one-day bicycle trip to snowmonkey park (Jigokudani Yaen Kōen). Contact was easy fast and in english. We got two hybrid bikes in perfect condition. The ride to snowmonkey park took us about 1,5-2h at an easy pace slightly uphill. We highly recommend this place if you want to take a one day cycling trip near Nagano. You get there by local train, it’s about 10 minutes walk from Obuse station. The owner is very nice and speaks very good english. B+F
We rented 4 bikes for the day in Obuse and it was fabulous! 3 of the bikes were e-bikes, which made riding around town really easy. The owner was very nice and it was easy to organise everything with. I would very much recommend using Maaru - we were able to see so much more!
We rented two road bikes for a five day trip in the mountains and had a really good time. The bike shop dropped off bikes in Ueda for us and we were so happy with the service! Lights, saddle bags, and handle bar bags were provided with some tools and spare tubes. Very happy!
I rented a bike for two days from Maaru and it was in great condition and a decent spec (tiagra). Terrain wise you can choose between flat rice fields, around town, fruit orchards and going up mountains. On the first day I did an all day epic mountain ride, (85 miles 8,000ft) the second day, a flat and friendly river ride. I have put both the routes on ride with gps called “Maaru 1” and “Maaru 2”. The roads in the mountains were empty as it was the off season, take plenty of fuel! The roads around town are fine also, drivers leave plenty of room. Maaru have road bikes, cross bikes and mountain bikes to rent. For my road bike Maaru fitted SPD pedals at no extra cost and provided me with a helmet. Obuse is also one of the nicer countryside towns worth visiting in Nagano and Japan. I enjoyed my rental from Maaru and will be using them again when I’m back in Japan next year!



Route to Snow monkey park

Snow monkey park is the most popular destination among overseas guests.

The route is way 18km. Perfect location of  one-day cycling trip. 2-3 hours to get there and 1-2 hours to return.
Surprisingly many guests are impressed by not only monkeys but the views of the mountains, rice fields,  orchards and Nagano vives along the way. It’s a hidden gem not found in guidebooks.

Do you need more information? Please contact us.

Nojiri lake,Thunder falls,Iiyama,Nozawa Onsen





 Here’s a 2 day NAGANO itinerary that includes all the best things to do in Nagano.


Opening Hours


FROM TOKYO : 80~110min Shinkansen to Nagano station.

 10 minutes walk from Obuse station,30-40minutes form Nagano or Yudanaka Station by train.


Opening Hours

Wednesday and Thursday closed
We might arrange your request.


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